How to Eat Organic and Maintain Sanity

Originally posted on Palm Beach Athletic Wear Blog:

IMG_1577How to Eat Organic and Maintain Sanity by Jesica Cockerham Salyer

Anyone who spends their money on organic food and products has likely experienced a disapproving look, comment or remark before about how much it costs, or how it is overpriced, etc.  Because I believe this to be so common, I conclude that those people making the criticizing remarks (which seem to be everywhere) must have a generalization in their mind that those enthusiastic about organics are neurotic or irrational consumers.

Not to mention that some of those people resist buying quality, organic food then spend gobs of money on their medical ailments (but that’s a whole other ironic issue.) :)

In this situation, I am the organics enthusiast who is being questioned. My reaction is having an urgency to promote understanding. To squash the myths, more or less, I love to infiltrate a healthy outlook into these individuals who…

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