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Reed’s Ginger Brew Kombucha Tea Review


Overall Rating:

Goji Ginger:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic lemon juice, organic goji berry. Free Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts: 

I love the goji flavor in this one, it provides a light fruitiness that compliments the ginger well.

Hibiscus Ginger Grapefruit:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic hibiscus, organic fresh ginger root, organic pink grapefruit juice. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

There is a lot going on in this one-all good, though. The floral taste of the hibiscus and the citrusy punch of the grapefruit make this one a great wake-me-up flavor.

Lemon Ginger Raspberry:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic raspberry juice, organic raspberry puree, organic lemon juice. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

I love raspberries. This flavor gives me my raspberry fix, along with an extra brightness that comes with the lemon.

Cranberry Ginger:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic cranberry juice, organic raspberry juice. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

Simple, cranberry, yummy. This is a great flavor, ladies especially, to replace plain cranberry juice, which is known to benefit the digestive & urinary tract.

Pomegranate Ginger:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic pomegranate juice concentrate. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

This flavor is similar to the goji and the raspberry flavors in the other drinks aforementioned. It is yummy, fruity and refreshing.

Coconut Water Lime:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic coconut water concentrate, organic lime juice concentrate. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

This is an excellent change of pace from coconut water, which I consume frequently. The lime is suprising, zippy and detoxifying.

Passion Mango Ginger:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic passion fruit juice concentrate, organic mango juice concentrate, organic orange juice concentrate. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

The perfect summer drink combo. The passionfruit and mango together remind me of summer by the pool-delicious.

Cabernet Grape:

-Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List:

“Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic cabernet grape juice concentrate, natural flavors. Free of Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.”

-My Thoughts:

Grape juice with a effervescent twist-that is what this flavor brings to mind. Delicious, filling and rich.

It is challenging to write unique feedback on each of these flavors because they are all good! Each one has its own unique variation in flavor, but there are all very enjoyable. Check out Reed’s Ginger Brew’s website to find where you can shop for this unique selection of flavors.

Eating to Prevent Disease

From my experience, it is more common for an individual to begin making healthy eating choices, implementing supplements and cutting out bad eating habits AFTER they have experienced a minor or major illness or disease rather than doing these things BEFORE they endure the illness. I find that preventative eating gives you more than just physical health-it gives you peace of mind.

I am no doctor, but I have accrued this much knowledge: disease is often caused by two primary things:

-Too much or too little of something in your diet

     -Can be helped by:

          -Keeping moderation in mind

          -Eating a wide range of foods, with a focus on organic, plant-based foods

-Nutrient deficiency

     -Can be helped by:

          -Taking a raw, organic multivitamin

          -Including a wide range of produce to absorb nature’s bounty of nutrients

          -Adequate macros (Carbs, Protein, Fat) help keep body at ease

“The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” -Ann Wigmore


Products for an Organic Lifestyle: Truition, Nutiva, Aubrey

When I think of being the healthiest me, I think about having the right things going on and into my body. To keep this up, I need to keep my stash of organic products replenished. That product foundation is comprised of three main brands:

Truition Supplements

Nutiva Organic Superfoods

Aubrey Organics

With these products as the base of your daily routine, your health, weight loss, lean staying power, and well being are optimized.

Making this investment in your health will be one that pays you back every day. When you feel healthy, you look healthy, and visa versa!

Check out these brands & sites & feel free to write for specific recommendations and favorites of mine. Go get healthy!🙂

Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food & Treats Review


Dry Food - Adult Dog Formula

Overall Rating: 

Newman’ Own Organics Description:

-“Made with organic brown rice, peas and carrots, Free of added hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives, No artificial colors or flavor enhancers, No wheat or corn.”

My Thoughts:

-Even though this is suggested for adult dogs, our 4 month old labrador loves this food. The main difference I have noticed in adult vs puppy food is simply a higher fat content in the puppy food. I fed this to her by sprinkling it over her puppy food-she always gobbled it right up.

Canned Food - Chicken and Brown Rice

Newman’ Own Organics Description:

-“Single Source of Organic Protein - Organic Chicken or Organic Turkey, Grain Free: no wheat, no corn, no soy, no gluten, USDA Organic, High palatability, Easily digested, Low carbohydrates, Made in the USA.”

My Thoughts: Our Lab, Kona, loves this canned food! Like the dry formula, I add this to her normal serving of dog food. She goes right for it. With all of these organic foods in her diet, Kona’s coat is shiny and healthy. She also has tons of energy and is always very vivacious.

Canned Food - Organic Beef

Newman’ Own Organics Description:

-“Grain Free, USDA Organic, No Wheat or Corn, No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives.”

My Thoughts: Kona loves this food perhaps even more than the chicken and brown rice flavor. She devours it! These canned foods don’t give her diarrhea and they keep her digestive system regular.

Snack Sticks - Chicken & Rice

Newman’ Own Organics Description:

-“An everyday, soft dog treat that’s great for training, too! Made with All Natural and Organic Ingredients. No Wheat or Corn. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In a convenient, re-sealable bag. Made In USA.”

My Thoughts: I give these to Kona throughout the day as a treat for going potty outside and sitting on command. Each stick lasts just a minute or two-they are not like hard bones.

Treats - Peanut Butter

Newman’ Own Organics Description:

-“Newman’s Own Organics takes premium treats one step further by offering Dog Treats, made with Natural and Organic ingredients, that are high in protein, naturally preserved and contain no wheat or corn, no artificial colors or flavor enhancers, and are free of added hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives.”

My Thoughts: When we first got Kona we would put a dollop of peanut butter inside of a Kona toy and she would lick it until all of it was gone. Because of this, I think she developed an affinity for peanut butter. She loves these treats-she would always run over to me at the sound of the bag opening.

It is a bit different for me to write a review for our dog, as she cannot tell us exactly what she thinks. We do know that she devours every last Newman’s Own Organics products. The best part is that we can feel good, as dog owners, that we are feeding Kona high quality, organic food & treats. These ingredient lists are clean & impressive and we look forward to buying more of this food for Kona!


Guest Post - Susie Stephen of on Aubrey Organics Hair Products

Let me just say, this is by far my most exciting post because it enables me to support another fellow active running girl who is enthusiastic about organic products.

Here is how Susie Stephen, founder of describes the blog she writes:

” “Ooh, I want to tell you, it’s a long run”, The Eagles.

This website aims to provide information about running and yoga, all designed with staying happy & healthy in mind for more than a few weeks or months, but for the long run. Yoga and running suggestions are made that can be fitted into a normal working day or week, for months and years to come.

Both yoga and running meet and satisfy the body and the mind’s need for not only movement and activity, but also relaxation and reflection. They are free and simple practices that we think will help you feel better and sleep more soundly.

Please bear in mind this website is a labour of love, and a work in progress. Click around for a few ideas to get you going, and email us with any suggestions or questions about yoga, running, or anything else – connected.

Happy Trails!”


To me, her outlook and approach to yoga and running is refreshing, inspiring, and contagious! Love it!

On her blog, Susie also briefly describes herself & experience:

“About Founder:

I started running at age 11, took up yoga as a undergraduate student – and basically have been doing a mixture of the two ever since. On this website I share a few insights from the world of each – and a combination of both activities because they have helped me to stay sane, learn, travel and meet incredible people!”

Susie offered to give her feedback and opinions on

Aubrey Organic’s hair products,

as I had recommended them to her. I was very excited to hear that she tried them-it is a gift that she was willing to write about them! Without further a due, here is her review of these products:

“Aubrey Hair Products for Active Lifestyles, and one running yogi!

Over the the last few months I have been on the look out for hair products that are less ‘sticky’ and more ‘eco-friendly’, if that makes sense. It’s seems difficult to find the combination of something that actually ‘feels good’ – for my hair and the planet! But I think I’ve finally cracked it. Thanks to recommendations from Jesica at Run On Organic, my new go-to hair products are Aubrey’s Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo, and the NuStyle Organic detangler & shine booster. 

But why? Let me explain. As a ‘sporty’ girl (and I could have written fit…) with curly, dry hair, prone to frizz, it’s difficult, & far too time & energy consuming to constantly be worrying about my hair. The usual result is that I just tie it back in a bun or a ponytail and pull on a headband or cap – sound familiar? So I was excited to try the new Aubrey Detangler (non-aerosol), especially because it’s made from a range of organic products (quinoa, evening primrose oil and aloe), and isn’t tested on animals. Also the Swimmer’s shampoo claims to, ‘Gently remove chlorine, salt & perspiration to prevent dry, brittle hair’. Awesome. I packed both for a two-day trail running & yoga extravaganza on the North Shore of Oahu. 

And the conclusion? After an action packed weekend of hot & humid trail running (with plenty of perspiration!), followed by breezy hours of yoga-by-the-sea, and a sea swim in Waimea Bay on the way home – you would think my hair was frazzled. But no. Using the all-natural swimmer’s shampoo, followed by a quick spritz of the light & refreshing detangler and a comb, I was always ready to go – with no worries about the condition/ state of my hair! Thankfully I have a feeling my hair will be seeing more daylight from now on thanks to Aubrey, and thanks to Jes!”


I can relate to Susie in every way, especially in the hair department. Aubrey Organic’s have had the same impact on my constantly sweaty and stressed hair. How cool is it that this groovy girl lives this beautiful, passionate life on Oahu?! I am constantly inspired by this phenomenal gal, and you will be too after checking out her blog. Go read & learn awesome stuff at !

A gigantic thank you to Susie for providing her honest words and opinions! They are much appreciated. Happy running, sister!

BFree Organics Serum & Scrub Skin Care Review

I came across this fabulous line if organic skin care,

BFree Organics

on instagram, where I got to know Cassandra and her company through pictures. She is an absolute delight, a loving mother, a passionate soul and a happy girl-it shows.

She held a competition via instagram in which the winner would acquire two wonderful BFree products, rose sugar scrub and rose hip serum.

I was elated to win because it meant I finally got to try these products that I had been eager to get my hands on.

Rose Sugar Scrub

BFree Organics’ Description:

“High quality simplicity at its best. Ingredients: Vegan sugar cane, Vegetable glycerin, Rose Water, Almond Oil.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This scrub is quite an experience-gentle yet effective & thorough exfoliation, all while smelling like a bouquet of roses. I have used it on my face, neck and legs. The sugar eliminates dead skin from the surface while still being gentle enough not to cause irritation. My experience is that few scrubs are gentle enough for the face-BFree got it right with this one!

Rosehip Serum

BFree Organics’ Description:

“A little goes a long way! This serum will last a very long time. A must have for spot treating and anti-aging! Organic Rosehip Oil directs moisture to parched areas without over- treating “normal” skin. Use for seasonal dryness, or after sport, to restore softness. Rosehip oil is known for reducing surgical and accidental dermal scars, the elimination of certain hyper pigmented spots. Directions: After cleansing and toning, apply to problem areas. Use in the morning and/or evening.

Ingredients: Virgin Rosehip Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Musk Rose Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and Distilled water.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This serum is absolutely delightful. In the last few months I have become increasingly enamored with serums and the power they have to heal damaged skin and maintain a beautiful complexion. This serum is comprised of ingredients that are especially effective in doing just that. It has a wonderful aroma to it-my facial is left smelling rosy and fresh. I apply it to my face right after stepping out of the shower. As Cassandra states, a little goes a long way. I use the drops of water left on my face from showering as an aid to help spread the serum around evenly onto my skin. My skin is soothed and stays its clearest with I utilize this serum daily. Wonderful product!