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Truition - Gabby Reece & Laird Hamilton’s Supplements Review

This post has been in the makes for a while now. I heard about Laird Hamilton & Gabrielle Reece’s joint effort to create their own line of supplements several months before they released them-and I eagerly awaited.

TRUition supplements,

as they named it, encompass everything from whey protein powder, to powdered greens, to energy boosters.

My interest in supplements has always been there, but has recently peaked. I found myself most interested in two products:

Truition Greens and Truition Max.

Gabby & Laird describe TRUition Greens like this:

“TRUition Greens is specially formulated to be used as a pre-workout dietary supplement. Our Greens formula is designed to enhance performance by helping to support the body’s natural ability to produce Nitric Oxide, which may help circulation by expanding blood vessels and allowing blood to circulate with less pressure.
Nitric Oxide levels may gradually decline with age in some people, most often from a combination of a high-fat diet and sedentary life style. Combining TRUition Performance Greens with routine physical activity, will help you maintain a healthy circulatory system. Try to take Truition Greens before you exercise to help optimize your workouts.”

My Thoughts:

Green plants are absolute super foods; chock full of vitamins and trace minerals that aid in functions like riding the body of toxins, accelerating metabolism, encouraging fat loss, replenishing energy stores and reviving vitality. These facts make this green supplement an absolute gold nugget and well worth purchasing and implementing. I mix a scoop of this with TRUition max in the morning before breakfast & running. The greens are a sweet apple flavor (my fiancée will be laughing when he reads this- as I constantly say how much I don’t care for apples) but this flavor is unexpectedly yummy.🙂

Gabby & Laird describe TRUition Max like this:

“The amino-acids in TRUMAX Hormone Optimizer have the potential to help maximize your body’s natural hormone production. Amino acids play an essential role in maintaining the health of the body’s endocrine system. Consuming Amino acids such as L-Arginine and L- Glutamine in combination with intense regular exercise may assist in elevating your body’s natural growth hormone production.
Growth Hormone is released during sleep, especially after intense physical activity. So it is important to get proper rest and plenty of regularly physical activity in order to optimize your body’s natural growth hormone production. Also remember, stress can negatively impact hormone production, so surround yourself with people who bring out your best, and try to maintain a low stress healthy lifestyle.
TRUition Max is the Gabby’s and Laird’s personal favorite of their new line of nutrition supplements.”

My Thoughts:

My interest in the idea of optimizing hormone production has been at an all time high as of late. I find it interesting how key our endocrine system is in sports performance, weight loss and overall health. Having a supplement that targets this system and aims to get the most out of our hormone producing glands is a phenomenal gift.

Both the greens and the max formula taste wonderfully. The max formula is an orange flavor which is delicious and perfect for a morning drink.

Sometimes I mix the two together and drink them that way. They make for a great pre-workout drink and even just a morning pick me up. It’s similar to a feeling after a cup of coffee, minus the jitters and crash that some people experience. I am thrilled with them so far and look forward to stocking up again in the future!

Faerie Organics Eyeshadows & Mascara Review

These Faerie Organics eye shadows and mascara are my favorite recent finds in regards to organic makeup.

Upon receiving these items in the mail, I tossed all of my current non-organic makeup in the trash. That included Maybelline eye liner, Lancôme eye shadow and Victoria’s Secret Mascara. My current cosmetic bag looks like this:

Aubrey Organics Loose powder
Aubrey Organics lip gloss
Faerie Organics eye shadows
Faerie Organics Bambi Eyes mascara
Afterglow Natural Cosmetics eye liner
Larenim Natural Powder eye liner

I feel SO good about using only good things on my face.

These three faerie organics items wear beautifully. I use the lighter tan eyeshadow (“hush” color) on my eyelids, mainly underneath my eyebrows & I use the darker brown eyeshadow (“cocoa bean” color) on the crease & corner of my eyes. The mascara wears so incredibly well-applies smoothly without clumps and looks prettiest after a few coats.

None of them irritate my eyes, which is incredibly refreshing. I’ve found that to be one of the many benefits of using organic makeup.

The founder of Faerie Organics

has a neat story in addition to her excellent products. I’ve enjoyed using these products so far and look forward to trying more.

Afterglow Cosmetics Eyeliner Review

Organic cosmetic products have been on my radar alot recently in switching all everyday essentials over to alternatives that are free of harmful chemicals.

I came across this Afterglow Organics eyeliner and was impressed with the ingredient list and how well it was said to work.

Previously I had used a Maybelline eyeliner on days I decided to wear makeup. Over time, I became more and more aware that my eye make up was causing major irritation in my eyes. I was eager to remedy that!

In an earlier post, I provided the ingredient list for this eye liner and compared it to an eye liner made by Lancôme. Check that post out for a better understanding of the comparison.

This eyeliner is great. The application end of the stick is not a pencil-it has a rotating base that allows you to push the color up and retract it.

I bought the brown eye liner that Afterglow makes. They also make black. I find that I like having a brown eye liner on hand for the day time, as black can be too harsh looking.

This eye liner is a great swap for me from Maybelline to Afterglow. Checking out the ingredient list of your cosmetics will likely prompt you to make a switch to a product with more natural ingredients.

Larenim Powder Eyeliner Review

This is my first time trying powder eye liner. I found this

Larenim Powder Eye Liner

at a local health food store in Overland Park, KS called Natural Grocers. They have an impressive selection of organic and all natural cosmetics and toiletries.

I considered the idea of trying powder eye liner instead of pencil eyeliner for a few reasons,

1) I wanted a natural option for black eye liner.
2) I wanted to experiment with the application of powder eye liner to see if I liked the way it applied & looked.
3) I am trying to find the right products and application techniques for my wedding make up🙂

This Larenim powder eye liner is just awesome. Conveniently enough, I found this slanted brush in Natural Grocers also. It is the absolute perfect brush to apply this eye liner.

I only wear eye liner on my upper lid. For a more dramatic look, applying it to your lower lid does the trick. I personally prefer the way I look with eye liner only on the top.

This eye liner powder can double as an eye shadow, which is great for traveling with minimal make up on hand.

The application is so simple and easy. I find that sometimes pencil eye liner is tough to layer on the way you want it and can be tough to apply, depending on the consistency of the pencil. With this powder, you have the freedom to layer it as subtlety or as profusely as you wish to.

Lululemon Athletica Running Apparel Review

I have had a recent affinity for buying (and receiving as birthday, Christmas, and “just because” presents) lots of running apparel from

Lululemon Athletica.

For several years as a runner, I almost exclusively wore Under Armour Frosty Tights when running. They have a great fit, they stay put and they are durable. I was apprehensive to try another running tight simply because of that satisfaction with UA.

I have been tremendously and pleasantly surprised with how much I like Lululemon’s “Runder Under” running tights.

The fabric is extremely comfortable and breathes just enough. They stay put, they fit nicely, and they look super duper awesome & groovy (see patterns & colors below). Also, I’ve heard from other avid Lulu patrons that these tights will last for several years.

IMG_3206 IMG_3200 IMG_3721 IMG_2478 IMG_2989

I’ve yet to wear them because the weather has not been permitting to wear crop pants, but I am excited to wear these,

Run: For Your Life Crop

I’m sure I will enjoy them just as much as the Runder Unders. During the summer they will get plenty of use!


In addition to the tights, I got several other neat Lululemon items, my favorite of which is the

Run: Bundle Up Jacket

(pictured in black, below).

It is absolutely awesome! It’s very warm without being bulky and it fits well through my shoulders-not too snug nor uncomfortable. Pictured separately is the hood that attaches to the jacket (I run without it attached). I love how it adds a lacy feminine touch to this black jacket.🙂 I also love the two different textures on the back of the jacket!

IMG_3508 photo-9

A long sleeve shirt that Lululemon calls the Run: Ice Queen Long Sleeve

is excellent to wear under my jacket or wear by itself on days with higher temps. I love the detail of the shirt (pictured in black below). It has neat detailing on the shoulders and elbows as well as holes for thumbs the ends of the sleeve. That feature is neat for keeping the sleeve in place while putting my jacket on and also for covering the skin where my jacket ends and my gloves begin.


I’ve also gotten 2 wide headbands. I so appreciate having these, as I am a headband connoisseur when it comes to running apparel.

Lululemon calls it a “Post Headstand Headhugger”

They are designed to stay on the head while doing headstands. Although I won’t be attempting many, if any, headstands, I have and will continue to wear these during runs. They are excellent at keeping my “baby hairs” out of my face while also keeping my ears warm in the cold months.

IMG_3228 IMG_1986 photo-8

A blue Lululemon neck gaiter

also has helped me to stay toasty while it’s been in the freezing temps in Indianapolis. I find that if my neck is warm and shielded from the wind, my body temperature tends to remain tolerable. This gaiter has a feature that allows you to pull it tighter to your skin via a grey drawstring type material in the front (slightly visible in picture) which helps it stay up if you wear it up above your nose or mouth.


Homemade & Organic “Icy Hot” Recipe


Homemade “Icy Hot”

This is not a new creation of mine, in fact, I’ve been using it for several months now. However, I had yet to share anything about it here on my blog. I use my version of “Icy Hot” every time before I go for a run. It is simple to concoct, is effective, and contains all organic ingredients.


Organic Extra Virgin or Virgin Coconut Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Sweet Birch Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil

I basically eye-balled all of these measurements. I started with the coconut oil as a base, then added about 15-20 drops of these 3 essential oils. Coconut Oil is solid at about 75 degrees fahrenheit, so to mix all of these essential oils with the coconut oil, I place my small container of oils in front of a space heater just to slightly liquify it.

The reasoning for using these oils is that they combat fatigue, cramps, act as a “pick-me-up”, and aid in alertness.

I basically rub a big glob of the mixture over both of my entire legs before suiting up in my running tights. I find that it gives me a little pep in my step even before stretching because of the sensation from the different mints. It also makes you smell fresh and minty before going out and getting sweaty and stinky.🙂

Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review




Aubrey Organics

Primrose Tangle-Go Hair Conditioner & Detangler

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray conditioner and detangler restores lost moisture without building up on the hair. Apply after or in-between shampoos to smooth dry, frizzy, flyaway hair, add body and hold and keep hair soft and manageable.”

My Description & Thoughts: This product smells like a bundle of fresh roses-truly. It has such a pleasant scent. It also does a great job as a detangler. I apply it to the ends of my hair (approximately the lower third) when my hair is still slightly damp from showering. I will continue to restock my stash of this product because of how effective and pleasant the scent it.

Mandarin Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturizing Jelly

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Eight hair-nourishing Chinese herbals, plus hair-thickening vitamin B-5 and herbal gums add up to one superb styling product that moisturizes as it holds. Adds body and shine without weighing down the hair.”

My Description & Thoughts: This jelly is great for when the end of my hair are super dry. It gives my hair a good, hefty dose of moisture. I use this one more sporadically, as I don’t need this moisture boost as often. It has a fresh and citrusy scent to it.

Sea Buckthorn Leave-In Liquid Conditioner & Curl Activator

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray-on conditioner adds body and softness and brings curls back to life with sea buckthorn oil and oat protein. Use after your regular conditioner and in-between shampoos to redefine curls and protect hair from blow dryer damage.”

My Description & Thoughts:

Most days my hair air dries. For the days when I style it, I tend to curl it with a curling iron. This leave-in conditioner is wonderful for those days. It gives the ends of my hair enough moisture so that the heat from the curling iron does not cause my hair to become damaged/dried out. It also helps the curls maintain structure, without making them look crunchy. My hair just looks moisturized and pretty after using it.