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Percentages: Eating Organic Most of the Time

I think alot about the organic foods and drinks that make up a large portion of my diet. I find myself constantly searching for stability within that-having a stable, doable, enjoyable habit of eating that is never neurotic, too planned out, nor obsessive. I want to have a sensible way of fueling my body that I feel good about.

My “wing it” solution (requires little thought and planning) for myself is to focus on the percentages.

Percentages. I focus on, approximately, the 90%-10% or 80%-20% range. “90 percent of the time, what is my daily intake comprised of?”

For me it is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, coffee, kombucha, coconut water, almond milk and coconut milk. Because these items make up so much of what I eat, I buy those foods organic (non-GMO implied) as much as possible.

The other 10%-20%, condiments, cheese, meat, meals eaten at restaurants, items I use very sparingly, etc. are not always items I buy organically because they do not tend to make up a large portion of what I consume.

To sum up these sporadic thoughts, I’ll say this (assuming you are interested in optimizing your health),

If you drink alot of coffee every day, get organic coffee. If you enjoy alot of ketchup every day, buy organic ketchup (it exists, and is delicious).

In all of this, it is counter productive for me to get wrapped up in eating perfectly. If you are buying something that isn’t organic, than just be able to refer to the percentages of your diet and determine how that food item plays into it.

In a way, it is a common thread throughout my fitness and nutrition ventures to have an awareness of percentages. 90%-80% of the time I am eating organically and healthily and running every day. 10%-20% of the time I eat sensibly but not always maximally healthy, as well as taking days off from running and enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Further. Faster. Forever.

Amidst the exciting new things happening in my life, I have been of few words in regards to sharing with all of you here on my blog. I have been busy living! (Hehe) I hope this finds each of you exceptionally happy, motivated, blissful, adventurous, and excited about each day.

One thing I remain fairly consistent with is maintaining interaction with my fellow teammates on Team F3. In short, this team was created out of a group of passionate fitness and endurance sport gurus on Instagram. We agreed on using the hashtag #furtherfasterforever to connect us all as we pushed ourselves harder and challenged ourselves more. It’s truly an incredible thing to me that all of us (basically strangers) came together through this common thread, this common passion, this common interest. It’s so inspiring to me!

To learn and read more about each of the “founding members” of Team Further Faster Forever, check out the team website.

If you want to join this family of positive, encouraging athletes, search the hashtag #furtherfasterforever on Instagram and discover some of the passionate individuals that make up this group. It’s an excellent source of motivation for me.

My thoughts and positive vibes go out to all of you!