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Laird Hamilton: My Inspiration. “Blame Laird”

Laird Hamilton: My inspiration, My motivation, My guru, My hero.

I suppose most people have professional athletes they look up to in hopes of being inspired, motivated, awestruck and captivated.

Laird Hamilton is this athlete for me. My interest and constant pursuance of his interview, book and video material is a part of many of my days at the computer.

Most that are close to me know about how highly I think of Laird Hamilton.

When I read his words or watch his videos, I feel so inspired both athletically and in pursuance of my dreams in life.

I feel so alive watching another over-the-top passionate athlete like Laird Hamilton exuding love, appreciation and dedication to his sport.

A lot of my habits with food and exercise have been cultivated with consideration to how I understand Laird to live. He does it right.

He has been deemed by many “The Best Athlete in the World.”

The phrase,

“Blame Laird”

was created in reference to his unique training techniques and passion for big waves.

I want to take advice from THAT guy.

I don’t always have the right words to say nor story or message to describe. So, often times I borrow his. Now is one of those times. Actually, it’s even better. It’s Laird’s wise words and experiences right from the waterman himself (via youtube videos).

I have embedded  some of my favorite Laird videos below. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from one of the videos,

“Part of the way you’re able to actually make the right moves is by not trying to make the moves. Just let the moves happen. I think that’s one of the things I can say about the ocean and about my relationship with the ocean is nothing’s gonna teach you patience better than waiting for a wave.”

Laird Hamilton in real time: it doesn’t get much better than that!

I had been wanting, for quite some time, to buy a Laird t-shirt to show my enthusiasm and support for him. I just recently bought my first

“Blame Laird” Shirt

as well as two stickers. I was very excited to receive them in the mail!


“It all started when some people told Laird about stickers that were posted at Malibu Surfrider, and a few other spots in Southern California that simply said BLAME LAIRD. Laird then started getting calls about them popping up on his native island of Kaua’i.

Of course maybe for the first few seconds the notion that someone was putting energy into ‘BLAMING’ Laird stung him a bit, but quickly we all started to get a great belly laugh from it. I can remember it being so easy to find Laird in any line up since he was the only person out there standing on his board.

For about five years I watched Laird mess around trying to find the right equipment to stand up paddle surf. I am not a surfer so I will not pretend to understand the frustration that some of the lay down surfers feel about the “sweepers”, but I do know that there is an adjustment period for any change, and this too shall pass.

Laird decided to take something that could have been perceived as a negative and just have some fun with it. After all if you are having any fun at all stand up paddling, then you too can BLAME LAIRD.”

That’s the description on Gabby Reece & Laird Hamilton’s site. I’ve embraced the idea and love that I can wear it around now.