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Running Music: Best Songs to Run To

I run nearly every day

and always run with my iPod because I enjoy music so much. I have a very diverse taste in music. I like everything from classic rock to techno. Throughout the past few years, I’ve jotted down some of my favorite songs to run to.

I’ve divided them up into different genres. Hopefully you can find a few that you’d like to add to your playlist! (They are in a random order)



1. No Money - by Kings of Leon***

2. Notion - by Kings of Leon

3. Sex on Fire - by Kings of Leon***

4. My Party - by Kings of Leon

5. Crawl - by Kings of Leon

6. Fans - by Kings of Leon

7. Roll Away Your Stone - by Mumford & Sons

8. Winter Winds - by Mumford & Sons

9. My Body - by Young the Giant***

10. Semi-Charmed Life - by Third Eye Blind

11. Never Let You Go - by Third Eye Blind

12. Heart Attack - by Sum 41***

13. Nice to Know You - by Incubus***

14. Dog Days are Over - by Florence + The Machine

15. Damn Girl - by the All-American Rejects

16. Move Along - by the All-American Rejects

17. Gives You Hell - by the All-American Rejects

18. Dirty Little Secret - by the All-American Rejects

19. The Rock Show - by Blink 182

20. Show Me What I’m Lookin’ For - by Carolina Liar

21. Boy - by Ra Ra Riot

22. Tightrope - by Walk The Moon

23. Disparate Youth - by Santigold



1. Fantastic - by Big Gigantic***

2. Suddenly (Dave Darell Vocal Remix) - by BT

3. Somnambulist - by BT

4. Seventeen - by Casxio & Skrillex***

5. Cinema (Remix) - by Benny Benassi

6. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites - by Skrillex***

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Dubstep Remix) - by Nirvana

8. First of the Year (Equinox) - by Skrillex

9. Reptile’s Theme - by Skrillex***

10. Slats Slats Slats - by Skrillex

11. Push and Rise - Wolfgang Gartner

12. We No Speak Americano - by Yolanda Be Cool

13. Where’s Your Head At - Jean Elan

14. Love at First Sight - by Kylie Minogue

15. Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

16. Strobe -by Deadmau5***

17. A City in Florida - by Deadmau5

18. Ghosts and Stuff - by Deadmau5***

19. Sofi Needs a Ladder - by Deadmau5***

20. Raise Your Weapon (Remix) - by Deadmau5

21. Genesis - by Justice***

22. The Matrix - by Bassnectar

23. Derezzed - by Daft Punk***

24. I Can’t Stop - by Flux Pavillion***

25. Tomahawk - by BT

26. The Veldt - by Deadmau5

27. There Might be Coffee - by Deadmau5

28. In The Air - by Morgan Page

29. Fn Pig - by Deadmau5

30. The Eye - by Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te

31. Disconnected - by Pegboard Nerds***

32. Soldiers - by Nitro Fun

33. Strangers - by Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54***

34. Subvert - by Au5 & Fractal

Electropop: (my current favorite genre)

1. Claudia Lewis - by M83***

2. Reunion - by M83***

3. OK Pal - by M83

4. Midnight City - by M83***

5. Steve McQueen - by M83***

6. Punching in a Dream - by The Naked and Famous

7. Young Blood - by The Naked and Famous***

8. Electric Feel - by MGMT

9. The Yacht Club - by Owl City***

10. Galaxies - by Owl City***

11. Angels - by Owl City***

12. Alligator Sky - by Owl City

13. Cruel Summer - by Ace of Base

14. Dancer in a Daydream - by Ace of Base***

15. Stereo Love - by Edward Maya


Classic Rock:

1. I Want it All - by Queen

2. Jerry - by John Mellencamp

3. Planet of Women - ZZ Top***

4. Legs - by ZZ Top***

5. Stages - by ZZ Top

6. 5150 - by Van Halen***

7. Panama - by Van Halen***

8. Summer Nights - by Van Halen***

9. Jump - by Van Halen***

10. Kashmir - by Led Zeppelin

11. Peace Frogs - by The Doors

12. Wearing and Tearing - by Led Zeppelin

13. The Song Remains the Same - by Led Zeppelin***

14. Nobody’s Fault But Mine - by Led Zeppelin

15. Good Times Bad Times - by Led Zeppelin

16. Juke Box Hero - by Foreigner

17. Hot Blooded - by Foreigner

18. Wheel in the Sky - by Journey

19. Centerfold - J. Geils Band

20. Tryin’ Not To Think About It - by J. Geils Band

21. Hurts So Good - by John Mellencamp

22. Sad, Sad, Sad - by The Rolling Stones

23. Rock and a Hard Place - by The Rolling Stones

24. Hold Onto Your Hat - by The Rolling Stones***

25. You Shook Me All Night Long - by ACDC

26. Thunderstruck - by ACDC***

27. Love in an Elevator - by Aerosmith

28. Rag Doll - by Aerosmith

29. Sweet Emotion - by Aerosmith

30. Peace of Mind - by Boston

31. Dancing in the Dark - by Bruce Springsteen

32. Radio Nowhere - by Bruce Springsteen


Rock/Classic Pop/Jazz:

1. Get It Up - by Chickenfoot***

2. Down the Drain - by Chickenfoot

3. Sexy Little Thing - by Chickenfoot

4. Soap on a Rope - by Chickenfoot***

5. Avenida Revolucion - by Chickenfoot

6. We Didn’t Start The Fire (Live at Shea Stadium) - by Billy Joel

7. Keeping the Faith (Live at Shea Stadium) - by Billy Joel

8. Captain Jack (Live at Shea Stadium) - by Billy Joel

9. The Ballad of Billy the Kid (Live at Shea Stadium) - by Billy Joel

10. Big Shot - by Billy Joel

11. A Matter of Trust - by Billy Joel

12. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven - by Phil Collins

13. Dance Into the Light - by Phil Collins

14. I Don’t Wanna Know - by Phil Collins

15. Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore - by Phil Collins

16. Sussudio - by Phil Collins

17. Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland - by The B-52s

18. Take Me Home Tonight - by Eddie Money



1. Carry On - by Pat Green

2. Cannonball - by Pat Green

3. Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me - by Keith Urban

4. She’s Not Just a Pretty Face - by Shania Twain

5. Party for two - by Shania Twain & Billy Currington

6. Summer Nights - by Rascal Flatts

7. Stand- by Rascal Flatts

8. Some Say - by Rascal Flatts

9. Me and My Gang - by Rascal Flatts

10. No Reins - by Rascal Flatts

11. Still Feels Good - by Rascal Flatts

12. Happy Girl - by Martina McBride

13. 1970 Something - by Mark Wills

14. Nothin’ Better To Do - by LeAnn Rimes

15. Lookin’ For a Good Time - Lady Antebellum

16. Summertime - by Kenny Chesney

17. Big Star -by Kenny Chesney

18. You’re The Love I Wanna Be In - by Jason Aldean

19. My Heart’s Sittin’ On Go - by Bryan White

20. Heavy Liftin’ - by Blake Shelton


Hip Hop & Rap:

1. Good Feeling (Remix) - by Pretty Lights & Flo Rida

2. Please Don’t Go - by Mike Posner***

3. Alive - by Kid Cudi

4. Princess of China - by Rihanna & Coldplay

5. Beautiful People - by Chris Brown***

6. Starships - by Nicki Minaj***

7. Wild One - by Flo Rida & Sia

8. Try Again - by Aaliyah

9. Magic - by B.o.B.***

10. Don’t Stop the Party - by The Black Eyed Peas***

11. Rock That Body - by The Black Eyed Peas

12. The Time - by The Black Eyed Peas

13. Forever - by Chris Brown***

14. Kids (featuring MGMT) - by Chiddy Bang

15. Right Round - by Flo Rida

16. The Best One Yet - by The Black Eyed Peas



1. Shake It - by Metro Station

2. Houdini - by Foster the People

3. Holiday - by Vampire Weekend

4. A-Punk - by Vampire Weekend

5. Outta My Head - by Ashlee Simpson

6. Coming Back For More - by Ashlee Simpson

7. Tubthumping - by Chumbawumba


Cool Down Music:

(All Genres- a lot of these songs are slow and/or have slow beginnings, but are great songs)


1. Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix) - by BT

2. Pony Up - by Kings of Leon

3. Closer - by Kings of Leon

4. Manhattan - by Kings of Leon

5. Pickup Truck - by Kings of Leon

6. True Love Way - by Kings of Leon

7. Ramble On - by Led Zeppelin

8. Over the Hills and Far Away - by Led Zeppelin

9. Bring it on Home - by Led Zeppelin

10. Pursuit of Happiness - by Kid Cudi

11. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. Let It Be (Live at Shea Stadium) - by Billy Joel & Paul McCartney

13. Is This Love - by Bob Marley

14. Everlasting Light - by The Black Keys

15. She’s Long Gone - by The Black Keys

16. I Want You - by Kings of Leon

17. Paradise - by Coldplay


***Most upbeat songs/my personal favorites. Great for when you are going hard in your workout!

Phenomenal Read: Laird Hamilton’s Book: Force of Nature

I am no bookworm. I dedicate a lot of my time to fitness and nutrition, but rarely sit down and read a book.

However, when a book like this comes along (at the risk of sounding too dramatic), you HAVE to read it. I say this because I consider this book a “gold nugget.” The information in this book has been exponentially helpful and useful to me in my journey in becoming my healthiest and fittest self.

I could rave about this book all day long-but instead, I will share some tidbits, quotes, stories, and ideas from this book that might help and/or inspire you as well.

The author of this book, “Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (and, of course, Surfing)” is professional surfer, fitness & nutrition genius, innovative waterman (he has been given credit for being the pioneer of tow-in surfing), family man (married to professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece), Laird Hamilton.

His knowledge and wisdom are expansive, motivating, and captivating.

Laird’s interviews are on YouTube and are excellent pieces of inspiration for me. The man is a machine.


Here are a few exerpts from this book that I found particularly outstanding:

-On the key to happiness:

“I think that the key to happiness is maximizing each day. So, if you’re unhappy, here’s a simple prescription: Live harder.”

-On pursuing dreams:

“…When I was a kid growing up in Kauai, a teacher asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Obviously, she didn’t like my answer (to surf) because I also remember her shaking her head and telling me, ‘You can’t eat your surfboard.’ Well, I’ve been doing that for a while now, and at this point it tastes pretty good. Maybe she was waiting for me to say, ‘Oh, you’re right. I’ll be a lawyer.’ That would have been a very long wait. The point is, your path is yours alone. And if it’s the path less traveled, that’s absolutely fine. The world doesn’t need more conformists. The world needs more people who create and question and search. If you don’t fit in, celebrate that, and then get ready to stand your ground.”

-On treasuring the world around us:

“What we’ve been given here is precious: majestic in its smallest details and its grandest spectacles. Anytime you feel in danger of forgetting that, I recommend you take a good look at a 50 foot wave. Anyone who can be around something that powerful and not feel humbled has some serious analyzing to do.”

-On having a routine:

“I don’t have a set routine. To my mind, thats the quickest route to burnout (and it’s deeply unimaginative besides). To be healthy, to sleep well, to eat well. These things are essential every day…My activities vary daily, weekly, seasonally, geographically, psychologically, depending on who’s in town-you name it. The best way to maximize what a day has to offer is to look outside your window that morning, and then look inside yourself.”

-On enjoying fitness:

“Fitness doesn’t have to be a duty. It doesn’t have to mean charts and graphs and heart rate printouts. It should be a pleasurable part of your life, and it should include things that you do purely because you enjoy them. Fun is an ingredient that people often forget in their fitness program.”

-On enjoying the ride:

“The idea is to become an old wizard; to live a long and fruitful life and have family and be healthy and enjoy the ride. And speaking of the ride, why not let it rip, at least a little bit? Everyone I know who’s really stoked about getting out of bed in the morning does that to some extent.”

-On picturing what you want:

“Whatever you want to achieve, imagine it in every detail. When Michelangelo worked, he said he could see the sculpture in the rock before he began to carve and that his job was merely to remove the excess stone. That’s vision. Don’t be afraid to really use your imagination. Let it run wild. It’s one of the most powerful tools you’ve got.”

-On breaking the mold:

“Conventional wisdom about fitness is an oxymoron. Let’s break the mold instead.”

-On enjoying life:

“Instead of trying to enjoy our lives more, or pursuing the idea of getting into the position someday of being able to enjoy our lives more—maybe we should just start enjoying! Right this moment.”

-On finding passion:

“To find your passion, you have to look inward. If you look outward, all you see is what other people are doing. You are not other people.

-On Eating:

“Have you ever really looked at the labels on processed food? The list of ingredients is surreal. Here’s one: perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Sounds like something you’d find in battery acid, not food. But it’s in microwave popcorn, added to make the bag less flammable. If PFOA sounds like a toxic chemical, that’s because it is; in fact, it’s been designated a likely carcinogen. And there are countless examples like this. Some chemicals are put into food to make the stuff last for months; some are added for cosmetic reasons-for coloring, flavoring, sweetening, texture, smell, you name it. Most of these additives haven’t been around that long, and their long-term effects on humans are unknown. Which means if you eat them, you’re the guinea pig.”

“Yes, it’s more expensive to buy organic food… But here’s the thing: When you put something into your mouth, you might enjoy it for 5 seconds, but your system will be dealing with its repercussions for a long time. Often people eat what their taste buds want and not what their bodies need. You know that Taco Bell isn’t the best dietary choice, but you go there because it’s easy and you like the taste. When you’re young you might be able to do this and still have a lot of energy. In the end, though, it’ll catch up with you. Potato chips in = potato chips out. That’s the rule.”

“As a culture, we rush through our meals because we think we’ve got far more important things to do. All too often, we take our food for granted. I’m always reminding myself to eat more consciously; to chew slowly and savor what I’m eating. (You can’t bolt down your dinner while watching CSI and then wonder why you have digestive problems).”

This book is available online at or It is a great investment, and if you decide to buy it, enjoy!🙂

Work Cited: Hamilton, Laird. Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, (and, of course, Surfing). Rodale: New York, NY. USA. 2008.

“Shoot for the Moon…” Quote, Goals, Running, and Giving Yourself Credit

As much as I run,

I rarely let myself feel a sense of accomplishment from all of that work. I also feel like unless I run more than 5 miles, it is not a successful workout day.

If another individual shared that with me, I would think “Wow, give yourself a pat on the back. You consistently get out there and exert yourself-thats excellent and admirable to run that much.”

Why can’t I do that for myself? It is truly a struggle for me-giving myself credit. I’ve come to realize that a lot of this comes with comparing myself to others. There are times when I think “I have been an athlete my entire life-training, sweating, working, challenging my body, why do I still look at others and think they look better than me?”

Recently, Ive decided to change this. This perception that I am not as good as others is an illusion-one that will only slow me down. There is no positive that can come from comparing myself to others and feeling down about it- ESPECIALLY since I contribute so much time and energy to my health. I need to give myself some credit.

I often think while looking at photos on instagram, “Wow, look at that before and after picture-what a difference!” Then I look at myself and think,

“I haven’t lost any significant amount of weight, nor dropped 6 jean sizes, nor transformed by body completely.”

What I’ve realized is THAT IS OKAY! Instead of focusing on what I have not done, I remind myself that I have been health conscious and working hard on my fitness my entire life-as far back as I can remember. Just because I never gained a lot of weight that I challenged myself to lose, or dropped jean sizes just for the sake of being thinner, doesn’t mean that my constant dedication to fitness and nutrition is any less AWESOME! Why do I forget that? Why do WE forget that?

I am challenging myself to get out of that mode of thinking and instead, take moments to appreciate the healthy body I’m living in and that innate drive I have to grow and be the healthiest individual I can be.

The title of this post is “Shoot for the Moon…” because I have always loved this quote:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

In my mind, this translates to: “Try your very best, dream big, and set challenging goals. Even if you don’t reach them, you will come within an arms reach from it because you challenged yourself and dedicated yourself to something.”

This applies to my life and routine in this way: some days, as I described before, I don’t give myself credit unless I exceed my own expectations. I say, lets trash that thought and get it clear out of my mind. It’s so negative and will not contribute to my success as a fit individual. Instead, maybe I can say to myself:

“You made strides today, challenged yourself, and became healthier in the process. Great job, Jesica.”

What negative thoughts do YOU struggle with and how do you “squash” that thought?

Navitas Naturals Organic Product Review



Navitas Naturals Organic Food

Let me start out by saying that all three of these products were completely new to me. A lot of the ingredients in these foods were new to me as well-what a great way to experience and taste new things.

Sun-dried White Mulberries

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Turkish mulberries have been considered a precious fruit for thousands of years due to their incredible taste. A bit like a dried fig in flavor and chewy crunch, these sweet treats are an amazing snack on their own, and are also a special substitute for raisins in granola, pancakes, smoothies, and baked goods. Apart from their great taste, Navitas Naturals Mulberries offer an incredible display of nutrition as well: including high levels of iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and fiber. Plus, as one of the few natural foods containing Resveratrol (the “anti-aging” component in red wine grapes), mulberries serve as a true power food.

My Description and Thoughts:

I had no idea to expect when trying these. My best guess was that they would have a similar texture as other dried fruits I have tried. Just the look of these little berries is interesting-to me they look like tiny little pine cones. I popped a few into my mouth to give them a try and was pleased. The texture is crunchy and little bit chewy-very satisfying for those who like a little crunch to what they eat. My flavor is nice and mild fruitiness; not too pungent or overwhelming. These would be good to consume by the handful, or perhaps in a bowl of yogurt (or a soy/rice/coconut/almond alternative).

Blueberry Hemp Superfood

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Grab a bite of energy and celebrate, because while your taste buds are singing, your body’s feeling even healthier. These delicious snacks are made from the most nutrient-dense plants found in nature, packed with functional food stars like cacao, maca, chia, and camu-camu. At Navitas, our tradition is to globally source the most nutritious, wholesome, and sustainably-cultivated ingredients we can find. Now, we’ve combined these premium organic superfoods into flavorful grab-and-go snacks, making it easier than ever to enjoy their vibrant benefits.

My Description and Thoughts:

These little nibbles come in a cubed form and are bite size. They taste like you might imagine-the main flavor is the blueberry and the hemp provides a hearty background. I imagine these being perfect to keep in your backpack to snack on during a hike, bike, or run. They are satisfying and filling; only a handful and you can fulfill a spike in hunger.

3 Berry, Cacao Nib, & Cashew Trail Mix

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Ancient nomads were the first to discover the benefits of trail mix: potent wild foods that are portable, full of energy, and do not require cooking. Today, Navitas Naturals extends this tradition by using only the most powerful superfoods available to create the ultimate organic raw trail mix. This special trail mix contains high-energy cacao, healthy really-raw cashews, antioxidant-rich goji berries, sweet well-rounded mulberries, and vitamin-packed goldenberries. Excellent by the handful, or tossed into recipes for an easy gourmet boost, Navitas Naturals Trail Power is a delicious way to fuel your lifestyle.

My Description and Thoughts:

Before becoming a bit more conscious about my eating, I indulged in trail mix (the kind with m&m’s, peanuts, raisins, etc) thinking they were “good” for me. I have since cut that out of my daily intake, but I was happy to find a nutrient-packed and healthy alternative. Similarly to the dried mulberries, this trail mix is good by the handful or in yogurt (or a non-daily alternative). My favorite ingredients are the naturally sweet and salty raw cashews, cacao bits, and goji berries. The mulberries and goldenberries compliment the other ingredients well. I imagine putting a bag of these in my purse for when I need a hearty snack.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with these healthy snacks because you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body while also satisfying your hunger or “munchies.”


For the first time since I started college, (I graduated in May) I am getting to spend valuable time with my family for an extended period in southern Indiana. It has been wonderful. As a result, my blogging has slowed down.

I love the roads and scenery in Indiana as a backdrop for my runs. It is truly beautiful-I stop several times when I run to take photos. Here are a few of them at the end of this post!

Soon I will be posting reviews about Navitas Naturals products as well as Jay Robb’s protein products-it has taken me a while to try all of them and formulate some quality feedback. They should be posted within a week’s time.

I am grateful for my family and the happiness they bring me. I am also grateful for the small group so far that read my blog and stories. Here’s to you all! What are you grateful for?

Peter Rabbit Organics Product Review

I was extremely excited to learn of the company

Peter Rabbit Organics

and the quality of the products they create.

This is how they describe their brand:

“We started Peter Rabbit Organics for the simple reason that we found it hard to find healthy snacks with no added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients. We wanted to create a product that was healthy, delicious, convenient and suitable for both you and your little ones. We never cut corners and ensure that whatever we make gets a full thumbs up from all the team and our special taste testers before it goes into the stores.”

After reading that, I thought: how cool is that!? I get so excited about companies like this.

I have never tried a pureed fruit and/or veggie mixture like this and was a bit apprehensive at first, but after trying them, I will surely seek out buying more. These nutritious and delicious snacks are ideal when you are on-the-go or just when you need a good healthy boost. I am happy and excited to share what I think about a few of their products I’ve tried.

Pea, Spinach, and Apple Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

We’ve mashed together peas, spinach and apples to give your little ones a full serving of delicious, natural vegetables and fruit.

My Description and Thoughts:

No need to fear the spinach and peas in this puree-the apple makes it wonderfully greeny, refreshing, sweet, and a tad tart. The apple and pea flavors are more prominent than the spinach. The spinach background flavor is surprisingly nice. All-in-all, this mixture tastes great and packs a nice green and yummy punch.

Mango, Banana, and Orange Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

We’ve squeezed and squished the juiciest mangoes, refreshing oranges and the most delicious bananas into our pouch. One of our fruit snacks had to be blended with mangoes, because (like most people) mangoes are our favourite fruit but a little messy to prepare and eat at school…or in the office!!

My Description and Thoughts:

This one is my favorite of the three. I am a mango and banana fanatic already, so this puree really hits the spot. When i took the first slurp, I didn’t want to stop-it is so decadent and delicious! Completely satisfying, and makes you want more.

Apple and Grape Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

Inside this pouch we’ve simply blended organic apples and grapes to give you a 100% healthy, natural snack. If you’re an apple fan then this is the snack for you. It’s apple sauce but a bit more fun and a lot more delicious!!

My Description and Thoughts:

What a delicious and unexpected combination. The apple and grape are a perfect marriage for a yummy, sweet and nutritious snack. The puree texture reminds me of good ol’ applesauce, except even better! This one is very satisfying and has a great flavor.

You can shop any and all Peter Rabbit Products here!

Aubrey Organics Skin & Hair Care Product Review

These are 5 Aubrey Organics products

that were new for me to try. I am excited to share each one of them with you! They are truly outstanding products.

After Sun Face & Body Moisturizer

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Newly reformulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients, this rich, all-over lotion soothes thirsty, sun-exposed skin on contact. CoQ10 supports your skin’s collagen, organic pomegranate protects with antioxidant action, and baobab oil nourishes and rehydrates with essential fatty acids and plant sterols. (Note: After Sun is not a sunscreen.)

My Description and Thoughts:

Whether I’m out running, or occasionally on the beach, I am frequently exposed to the sun. I had never before used a lotion that was formulated specifically for after a day in the sun-what a fabulous idea. This moisturizer smells fruity and tropical, has a rich consistency (a little goes a long way), and counteracts the effects of the sun (dryness, irritation, mild sun burn). It does an excellent job of replenishing the moisture that is lost due to sun exposure. This product will be a staple in my cabinet because of it’s effectiveness and uniqueness.

Natural Lips Sheer Tint- Sheer Pink

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Sheer lip tint adds gloss and soft, translucent color to your lips and smoothes and conditions with organic shea butter and other rich emollients. Try all eight natural shades for different looks and a fabulous smile.

My Description and Thoughts:

I go most days without make-up, but when I do wear it, I do my best to use mainly natural options. I have been using Aubrey’s Silken Earth Translucent Base for a while now and am so pleased. Thus, I was eager to try their lip products. This sheer tint is a great addition to the base. It provides such a pretty color to my lips. It’s not as thick and globby as lipstick can be, yet the color is still rich enough to complement your lips. It isn’t as dramatic as lip-stick, which I like. Also, this color, Sheer Pink, was a nice match for me. I’m not a fan of browns on my lips, nor deep reds-this one has a nice rich pink/magenta hue to it.

Green Tea & Green Clay Rejuvenating Mask

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Invigorating antioxidant mask helps draw out impurities with green clay and natural fruit acids to leave dull, dehydrated skin renewed and refreshed.

My Description and Thoughts:

As an avid user of Aubrey’s Green Tea Facial Cleansing Lotion, I jumped at the chance to try the mask. These green tea products that Aubrey makes have changed my skin and have let it be its most vibrant, glowing self. This is no exaggeration. I used to have blemished, acne-prone skin and tried so many different products with no success. I have used this mask so far after workouts or at the end of the day when my skin is its oiliest/dirtiest. It does a fantastic job of clarifying your skin without stripping it of the moisture, like some masks tend to do. It restores your skin to its natural moisture balance and makes it feel clear, soft, clean, and refreshed.

E PLus High C Roll-on Deodorant

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

For total protection that lasts, this herbal roll-on formula reduces odor and keeps you feeling clean all day. With natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, organic aloe and other skin soothers.

My Description and Thoughts:

Aubrey deodorants are my favorite natural deodorants thus far in my search. They do the job. This is coming from a girl who does lots of running, working out, sweating, and perspiring. This particular deodorant has a light flowery scent and would satisfy a wide range to scent preferences.

One thing I hear often about natural deodorants is that they lack effectiveness and longevity. I’ve found it is possible to wear a safe AND effective deodorant, you just need to pick the right one.

I am currently using another Aubrey deodorant called “Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray,” which is a staple for me. This E Plus High Roll-on Deodorant will be an excellent addition. Some prefer spray-on deodorants, some prefer roll-on deodorants. To each his own! You have both choices🙂

Creme de la Shave- Pomegranate

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Made with rich emollients and fruit extracts, this moisturizing shave cream pampers and protects your skin for a luxurious, ultra-smooth shave and legs so soft, you may not need a lotion after shaving. You’ll love its silky feel and exotic tropical scent.

My Description and Thoughts:

In making the switch to organic beauty products, I had a hard time finding a shave cream to replace what I was currently using. This was a great product to come across. The pomegranate scent is so refreshing and lovely and will leave such a pleasant scent on your skin. The consistency of the cream is just right-not too runny, not too cake-y. This cream provides great coverage (a little goes a long way), and also replenishes the moisture in your skin that shaving takes out. Using a shave cream packed full of natural and nourishing components will provide all the goodness to your skin without the toxic chemicals found in your typical drug store shaving cream.

You can shop all Aubrey Organics products by clicking on this graphic!