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Organic Coconut “Oatmeal” with Stevia & PB2

After a run last night I was craving something filling, but didn’t want to stray from clean eating. So, I created this treat off the top of my head! The picture might not do the recipe justice.

This warm bowl of

Organic Coconut “Oatmeal”

is delicious and decadent! As you might have guessed, there is no actual oatmeal in this bowl. Instead, there are several delicious substitutes. I will break down the process of making this to make it simple and understandable (these measurements are not exact because I eye-balled them until the concoction was the desired texture):

Start with a bowl

Put about half a cup of almond milk into the bottom of the bowl

Add a few tablespoons of PB2 (powdered peanut butter-85% less calories than peanut butter)

Add a few tablespoons of coconut flour

Add a sprinkling of both chia and flax seeds

Add a half scoop of Jay Robb’s protein

Add half a banana (sliced up)

Add 2 drops of stevia

Mix all of these ingredients together and add more almond milk or more coconut flour as needed (the consistency should be like pancake batter)

Next, since I’m not a fan of microwaving foods, I put this mixture in a skillet that has coconut oil in it (on medium heat).

I simply heat the mixture through until it is similar to warm oatmeal (stir it around often) and then put the cooked mixture in a bowl and enjoy with a spoon! Add cinnamon on top for extra richness and flavor.

Product of the Day - Aubrey Organics Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant

Aubrey Organics Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant


This product is free of the harsh chemicals found in your typical drug store deodorant (no aluminum, no propylene glycol). Instead, it contains excellent natural and nourishing ingredients like: soybean oil, calamine, rosa damascena flower water, calendula flower extract, chamomile extract, arnica montana flower extract, sandalwood oil, vanilla oil, patchouli oil, cedarwood oil, jasmine oil, and rosa damascena flower oil.


This natural deodorant is one that I have used for several months now and am entirely pleased with it. It doesn’t cause irritation and doesn’t contain a harsh fragrance. Instead, it provides a fresh & flowery scent that is in a convenient sized bottle-perfect to take with you in your gym bag or purse. In regards to longevity, this deodorant does a good job of withstanding body odor and sweat. The container has a pump spray design (which was new to me, deodorant-wise), however I’ve found I really like it. This product is truly worth incorporating into your daily routine.

Purchase & Work Cited:

I’ve used the descriptions on Aubrey Organics’ website to help me convey the quality of their products on this blog. As always, all Aubrey products are vegan and never tested on animals.

You can purchase any and all Aubrey Organics products here.

Aubrey Organics products are also found in some specialty health food stores. Call ahead to see if your local place carries it!

Improving Endurance and Fueling Your Body To Do So

Running and cycling outdoors both require the ability to endure a few things:

elevated heart rate

for a specific duration of time

muscle fatigue/cramps

upper, lower, or full body

perspiration and preventing dehydration

drinking water and replenishing electrolytes is essential


especially when exercising in the heat


energy stores empty out

In regards to prepping your body nutritionally, a few things come to mind:

Fuel your body.

Eat foods that provide you with the optimum amount of nutrients (fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts)

Do not consume empty-calorie foods.

(foods lacking a strong nutritional value). These foods include: soda, processed foods, candy, bakery items, etc.


When running and/or cycling on a regular basis, it is important to keep your body adequately hydrated, to restore the fluids you’ve lost during exercise to keep digestion regular, to regulate your body temperature, and to avoid dry mouth.

Consider smoothie making.

A smoothie is a fantastic way to combine several high-nutrient items in a tasty and easy to ingest way.

Reach for super foods.

Foods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, acai berry, spinach, mixed berries, almonds, avocado (just to name a few) are excellent foods to keep on hand-both for smoothie making and to have as snacks.

In regards to prepping your body physically, these things are important:

Adequate stretching is necessary.

Before running and cycling alike, stretching your legs will not only prepare them to perform, but they will feel loose, more mobile, and ready to work. The prime movers: quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles should be main focus. Even though your upper body is not the main force moving you, it helps your overall readiness to do a few trunk twists and arm circles to get your blood flowing to all extremities.

Don’t forget to breathe!

Even outside of exercise, taking deep breaths throughout the day will help maintain proper oxygen distribution to all muscle groups. Deep breathing also forces air into your lungs, which increases blood flow to and from your heart. In high school is when I became more aware of my breathing while running. Once I maintained an awareness of my breathing throughout my run (in through my nose, out through my mouth, deep breaths, frequently), my running routine was exponentially more enjoyable, not to mention my performance was increased.

Find your stride.

This translates directly to running more so than cycling. For me to find my stride, I let my body “relax” into the natural way that my body advances forward. Knees aren’t too high, you’re not pounding the pavement, and your arms are not flailing. You are striding forward, cushioning your feet as they contact the ground, aware of your breathing, and settling into your authentic gait. While cycling, you can similarly find your own natural rhythm, one that gets the most power out of your legs without exhausting yourself immediately. This comes with time, but when you find your authentic gait and rhythm, you’ve reached a new level of enjoyment!

Progressing and becoming better for future workouts: Strengthening your legs muscles should be your main focus.

Also, as my high school volleyball coach always told me “If you want to become a better jumper, jump more.” This applies directly to running and cycling. If you want to become a better runner, run more. If you want to become a better cyclist, ride more. There is no substitute for running and cycling as the preparation for those activities, respectively. However, it will help your performance to isolate and develop each of the main muscles that your body uses to run and cycle. The single best exercise you can do to strengthen legs is a one-legged squat. Simply described, you basically balance on one leg and squat down as far as you can while maintaining balance and ability to push yourself back up. Other great exercises to strengthen legs include squats (using both legs), lunges, and calf raises. You can also do more advanced versions of these by performing squat jumps, lunge jumps, and jump roping.

Lovely Blog Award

All of this is new to me, but I’m doing my best to keep up!

I was graciously nominated by Melanie from for the Lovely Blog Award! Thank you!!

Rules of acceptance:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself. -Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
  • Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Here are seven things you may not know about me:

1. Although I played collegiate volleyball, soccer was my first sport since my days as a toddler.

2. I have monkey toes, they are nearly a second set of hands.

3. I have lived several states apart from my parents and brother while I’ve been away at college-and the homesickness is palpable.

4. Favorite Artist: Billy Joel.

5. I have a weakness for wasabi, I put it on nearly every plate of eggs I eat.

6. I didn’t get my driver’s license until the beginning of this year at age 24. I have used either my bicycle or my legs to commute while in college.

7. I started this blog on a whim, but am increasingly excited to share the knowledge I have accrued through years as an athlete and nutrition-conscious individual.

These are some EXCELLENT blogs that I follow (and you should, too!). I’ve already learned alot from these individuals!
















Product of the Day - Natural Laundry Detergent

I will keep this short because I am headed out to the gym. However, I thought this was worth sharing real quick!

I found this natural laundry detergent at a local speciality health food store.

It is the first natural laundry detergent I’ve tried. It is free of dyes, sulfates, formaldehyde, and has a coconut oil based fabric softener within it. So far I think it is AWESOME and it feels great to gradually switch all of my soaps over to options that have fewer chemicals in them and more natural replacements. It smells wonderful and light, not soapy and overpowering, and is also reasonably priced.

Briefly, the reason I believe it is necessary for me to also use a natural detergent is because I wear and launder athletic clothes constantly with this soap. When I am running or working out, I am sweating, which is opening my pores, which is making them more susceptible for absorption. If my running tights are washed in detergent stricken with chemicals, my skin is going to absorb some of that.

Unlike the food you eat, the agents absorbed through your skin do not have the benefit of going through your digestive system, kidneys, and liver to have the impurities filtered out.

These agents, or chemicals, go directly into your blood stream.

I’ve learned all about the integumentary system, which includes your skin, in the extensive anatomy and physiology classes I’ve taken with my college degree plan. Everything considered, it is obvious that what goes onto your skin should not be looked over and avoided, because ultimately, what goes ONTO your skin is going INTO your skin.

This is one of the most recent “switches” I’ve made in my household-and I’d say it’s a good one!

Tropical Smoothie created by Jesica

I recently bought and sliced up a pineapple, so I’ve been using alot of it in my smoothies. It adds the yummiest sweet flavor. I’ve found that pineapple gets along really well with papaya. So, this morning for breakfast, I put the two together (along with a few other ingredients), and voila!

What’s In It (exact measurements are not important):

Fresh Pineapple (fresh takes more time to slice up, but you can’t beat fresh pineapple-it’s worth the extra effort)

Fresh Papaya (seeds removed)

1 white nectarine (my local grocery store had them on sale)

Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Whey Protein Powder (vanilla)

Flax seed

Chia Seed

Blend, and slurp! Although this recipe is very similar to my other pineapple smoothie recipe, I really advocate incorporating the flavors you love and using them in different ways with different combinations of fruit. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment!🙂



PB2 - Awesome Alternative to Peanut Butter


Contains: powdered peanut butter (85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter, according to the product label)

Description: This is a product that I discovered within the last few months. It caught my eye in a health food store because I have always loved peanut butter, and was curious as to what this healthy alternative was all about. In the past I had loved and eaten peanut butter but because I would consume so many calories with just a spoonful, it didn’t feel like I got to enjoy all of those calories. With this powdered peanut butter, you still get a rich, nutty and fulfilling taste without all of the calories. There are also no additives (according to this product label) in PB2, so you can feel good about eating it. If you want something a bit more decadent, yet still a healthier alternative, PB2 makes a version that contains cacao powder, giving it a chocolately background. You could also add your own cacao powder when mixing your PB2 to do it yourself!

How to Use: This powdered peanut butter can virtually be used to replace your regular peanut butter in your diet. To make a “butter” out of it, I mix it with a few tablespoons of almond milk (I had to guess and check with the right amount. Start with just a little bit of milk and you can always add more). Then add a drop or two of liquid stevia to add natural sweetness. You could also use organic agave nectar, or your favorite sweetener.

Purchase: I purchased my first jar of this at an H.E.B. Grocery store in south Texas that has a “healthy” or “organic” isle. You can also purchase it online from several various retailers, just search for it!